Research, development and commercial applications of energy saving and efficiency technologies, supporting climate and the environment directly, improving people’s relationship with the surrounding land, reducing impact on the ecosystem.

The world is changing and consequently our energy sources are deeply transformed. Energy transition has become a worldwide phenomenon, characterised by decarbonisation and imposing the development and exploitation of renewable sources.

Decreasing the use of fossil sources is possible, we are already doing it, but it is necessary to continue and move further in this direction because the stakes are too high .

New ideas are required, as well as people who carry them forward, making them grow and turn real. We need to find and propose solutions for an ‘independent’ energy production, using these same solutions for greater energy autonomy and people's wellbeing.

Therefore, we have to act and use every new solution at our disposal for a truly eco-sustainable development with a lower environmental impact, benefiting the Earth as a whole.