Aquaponics is an ancient and natural concept. Growing landless plants practically dates back to ancient times, just think of Babylon's hanging gardens, the flooding of the Nile that produced lush fields, the floating gardens in Mexico City ... they are all examples of landless crops from the past.

It is a type of agricultural technique also known as ‘the art of cultivating plants in the water’. This technique, which other bases instead of earth, has been recovered over these years in order to cultivate in a healthier way and with less land and climate damage.


The benefits of aquaponicS are 10 (TEN!) times greater than traditional farming and the plants grow 2 (TWO!!!) times faster.

It does not require an expensive filter to handle or purify the water and no form of infesting weed is formed, therefore there is less maintenance and elimination of herbicides... and therefore foods are healthier.

Plants and growth beds filter water for fish, fish waste water fertilises plants with organic nutrients. Therefore, the production is absolutely organic, healthy, tasty, works for most plants.

It uses the natural cycle of Nitrogen, benefiting plants and fish.

Moreover, an aquaponics eco-system provides a natural immune system against crop diseases.