A new and innovative green technology for power generation...

Over 14 years of study, development and testing to develop the nyo® Patented technology with circular economy, that opens new scenarios in the field of power generation.

nyo® Patented generators, efficient, silent, compact, generate electricity 24 hours a day, drastically reduce energy costs, solving all problems associated with environmental pollution resulting from electricity generation, since they do not use any fossil fuel for operations.

Generating energy where it is consumed allows to avoid transport losses and costs, raising overall system efficiency to 95%, compared to the maximum 50% of normal general and distribution. This result in important economic savings for users and a great benefit to the environment, also considering that the cost of purchasing nyo® Patented generators can be managed with the economical savings on electricity supplies. Besides there is a gain originated from the exchange site of the electricity that is generated and not consumed, representing the final answer to the different needs of energy demand.

For the first time a domestic electric generator is introduced into the mass market, at the centre of the Smart Building, placing it in an energy system that, together with other similar devices, forms a large invisible power plant that is ecological because it will be distributed throughout the area.

In addition, thanks to an innovative cloud platform, nyo® Patented generators can be simply and immediately managed and controlled via web from smartphones and tablets with. Moreover, 3kW 230 Volt and 6kW 230 Volt electric power nyo® Patented generators can also be located inside homes, due to their reduced size and the limited space required for their installation and the very low noise they produce when operating, similar to that of a household refrigerator.

Finally, there are no particularly important issues regarding the electrical connection with the distribution system inside the properties like those related to photovoltaic and wind power plants.

Operating conditions:

The performance data reported in the present web site are valid for operation at an altitude not exceeding 1000 m a.s.l. and ambient temperature not exceeding 40°C. If operation takes place in different conditions, contact the technical department.

nyo® 1220 AS

1kW 220V Single Phase

nyo® 3230 M

3kW 230V Single Phase

nyo® 3230 A

3kW 230V Single Phase

nyo® 3220 AS

3kW 220V Single Phase

nyo® 6230 A

6kW 230V Single Phase

nyo® 6220 AS

6kW 220V Single Phase

nyo® 10400 A

10kW 400V Three Phase

nyo® 20400 A

20kW 400V Three Phase

nyo® 50400 A

50kW 400V Three Phase