NYO generators use a new patented technology and describing it is not easy to do in a few lines.
Yes, of course, like all electricity generators.
It depends on the environmental conditions of the place where it will be installed, on average every two / three years.
No, the generator is connected to the home web network, it will automatically notify the showroom that it will contact you to coordinate maintenance.
It depends, you need a qualified electrician. The "standard" installation is for free, so the technical team should perform the installation.
The noise produced by generators from 1 to 6 kW is similar to a domestic refrigerator.
It can be installed on a balcony or inside the house.
All machines produce "heat" during operation, so even the NYO generators produce a very light heat during operation based on the electrical load.
Of course, models with the final letters AS are specific to this type of use.
Absolutely not, there is no kind of risk.
Absolutely not, moreover, they have been developed taking into account the basic philosophy of the circular economy.
Yes, of course, the NYO generators are both in-grid and off-grid. Moreover, being manageable via web via a smartphone or tablet. If the hut has a home automation type heating system, it can turn it on before you go and find the environment already warm.
With proper maintenance over time, it will be over 15-20 years.