The circular economy is based on the change of the economic model, from a linear type, based on the philosophy:

" produce/consume/throw away "

which creates a significant environmental impact with the management of a large quantity of waste, always greater, to another of circular type:

" produce/use/regenerate/do not throw away "

creating advantages in terms of competitiveness, innovation and cost savings.

The circular economy is based on industrial production and use solutions to reduce environmental impacts, imposing restrictions on the reparability and recyclability of components, reintroducing resources into the production cycle at the end of life, generating economic and development opportunities, as well as benefits for the environment and society.

In this perspective, nyo® Patented generators represent a revolution and an epochal change, in fact they were conceived and developed taking into account the basic philosophy of the circular economy

" produce/use/regenerate/don't throw away ".